Packaging Your Own Information Product

What is an information product?

An information product is anything that provided useful, usable and needed information usually arranged in simple, logical, easy-to-follow easy-to-understand manner. Let us assume you have a passion for something say, sewing or cooking, or you have a hobby or pastime-say, maintain climbing, hunting or playing musical instrument, or you have a field of interest – say, journalism, law or medicine – then you can create an information product. Create any product no matter how small the profit margin is.

You can use a step-by-step method. to create your information product. This method describes your information product in detail.

Why Should You Create an Information Product?

There are two major reasons why you must create an information product

  • Information is a hot product! – It is in your best interest to market information products such as books, manual, special reports, audiotapes, and e-books
  • It is easy to charge money for knowledge that will make life easier or more comfortable for others

Lots of people will readily part with their hard earn income for information that will bring them lasting comfort.

In creating an information product, you must concentrate on the major issues, not on minor issues.

Avoid worries over little things. Information product can be packaged in form of infomercial. Infomercial is a TV advert, which does not take up to 20 minutes to sell the product. It has to do with before and after effect of using a particular product. One can also package Hard to find information product in Newsletter, either in hard copy version, or electronically in website.

Writing an information product should not scare you. An information product is simply a collection of instructions on how to do something. It is fairly simple to write and package. You just start getting down everything you can think of on how to do a specific skill.

Make sure all your notes are in one place and pretty soon you’ll have enough information to package other in book format, Audiotape, CD-Rom or manual.

The main thing is to simply start recording either on paper or on tape every tip you can think of that someone would need to know to be able to do the skill you are trying to teach.

Audio Tape

If you are packaging your info product on audio tape, you will be please to know that the spoken voice is the easiest thing to record. You don’t have to go to a studio and you don’t have to add music. You can record your info product using a small portable tape recorder. You can also record and edit your voice easily with your home computer.

Compact Disc (CD-ROM)

It is pretty easy to make informational product on Compact Disc as long as you have a Compact Disc burner. A Compact Disc burner is simply a Compact Disc player that also has the capacity to record. You can make lots of money from Compact Disc products cost of production can be as low as Two hundred and fifty Naira ($2), which can then be sold for as high as Twenty Thousand Naira($170). It is very essential that you get a Compact Disc burner. To produce the Compact Disc’s you got to have software that interfaces with the Compact Disc burner. You drag the file you want on the Compact Disc from one window to the burn window and hit “Create CD” A wizard pops up that leads you through the process and in a few minutes your CD is ready.


Information products can also be packaged into manuals. It is similar to a user Guide/manual, that illustrate how a particular appliance or product functions

A manual simply illustrates the procedure, the method and steps used to accomplish a particular task. One can package a manual on production of cosmetics, food and Chemical products. There are Thousands of untapped information yearning to be exploited and convert to raw cash. Manuals are normally produced using Microsoft Office Word.

Video Compact Disc

There is a popular adage that says, “seeing is believing” there is power in sight or vision. When people see what you are offering or talking about concerning a particular product, they tend to not only believe, but also accept the product. All one needs in producing a good info product on video, is a fairly good digital video camera. Duplicating the info product on video is fairly cheap and easy. Having gone through the various medium through which information products can be packaged, one is now left with the choice of selecting the best medium in packaging one’s product. One powerful truth each information marketer must take note of however is that packaging sells more than the product