Create Information Products – How to Create a Profitable Business Using Ghostwriters

Create information products to solve people’s problems is one of the most profitable and easiest online business to be in. It’s much cheaper than setting up a traditional brick and mortar business. A digital information product doesn’t need you to keep an inventory and you profit the full 100% for every product you sell. Here’s a business plan of how to start this business.

1. What Information Products To Sell?

The best type of information products to sell is ebooks, where the content is delivered in a PDF format. However, instead of creating information products to sell in different niches, you need to focus on one niche. Make this decision on what niche you want to focus on before proceeding further.

For example, in the self-help niche, you can create information products on public speaking, self confidence, anxiety, anger control, build better relationships etc…

2. Getting Ideas

Since this is a business you’re running, you need to be serious. You need to study the niche and become an expert. Go to fourms and understand what problems people have. Read magazines and see what topics are related to your niche. Read newspapers and see what relates to your business.

If you do this, you will should have no problem coming up with ideas on what information products to create. Make a list of ideas regularly and choose the best one to start working on when it’s time to create a new information product.

3. Create The Information Product

Your next step is to create your information product. If you haven’t written an eBook before, go and buy an eBook from your competitors and see how they layout the eBook and the content that’s inside.

Do some research online and write your own information product. Make it something you’re proud to sell. Start off by writing your own information product first. You can hire a ghostwriter to do this task for you later on when you see how the business works.

Alternatively, hire a ghostwriter right away if you absolutely hate writing or you don’t have the time for it.

4. Packaging

This is what makes your information product sell. People will want to buy your product if the packaging is good. This means the design of the website needs to look professional and your sales copy needs to be convincing.

If you have no experience in writing sales copy and if you are not good at creating graphics, get them outsourced. This is a must!

As I said, it is the packaging that will make prospects buy from you. Some ghostwriters are experienced in creating information products online. Try to find one that will deliver a complete service including the sales letter and website design as well as ghostwriting the ebook.

5. Getting Traffic

Once your product is ready, it is time to drive traffic to it. Here are 3 ways how you can drive traffic to your website to test the response.

1. Write articles

Write about 10 good articles on your niche that is related to your information product. Again, if you don’t like writing, you can outsource this to your ghostwriter. Submit these articles to article directories and ezines.

The articles will get you backlinks to rank your website higher in the search engines and get visitor to your website. Articles are excellent in increasing your exposure.

2. Blog and Forum Commenting

Make a list of blogs and forums which have good traffic and are related to your niche. Take time to comment on them regularly with a link to your website.

Offer valuable advice and don’t advertise your information product otherwise people will think you’re a spammer. Just have a link to your website. This will enable you to “steal” some of the traffic from other websites.

3. Pay Per Click

Use pay per click advertising such as Google AdWords, Yahoo and MSN. Create some ads and drive traffic to your website. Monitor how well your information product sells.

6. Create an Affiliate Program

Create an affiliate program for your information product either by submitting it to Clickbank or use PayDotCom. Let people know they can promote your information product for commissions of 50% or more.

7. Collect Your Contacts

Always collect email addresses with everyone who comes in contact with you – Your visitors, your affiliates and your customers.

8. Repeat

Now you can just repeat the whole process with a new information product that focuses on the same niche.

However, once you’ve created the information product, you can email to the list which you have. The prospects and customers may buy this product from you if the previous one was good. Affiliates will want to promote your new product since they will earn more commissions.

The more information products you create, the bigger your 3 lists will get. After several information products you may have several thousand people on your list. Sending an email to them about your new product could produce thousands of dollars without doing any promotion of your own.

Following the business model above, if you sold an information product for $37 and 1,000 members of your list bought from you, that’s $37,000 in sales instantly. Don’t forget that your product will continue to sell as long as your website is there. The critical success factor is the professional ghostwriter you hired to create your information products.