3 Ways To Market Your Information Products On Your Own Website

If you are an online marketer, then one of the things that you have are your own information products. Having your own products gives you some sense of credibility. Starting out, you probably won’t have many affiliates promoting your products so you have to do a lot of the marketing yourself. Now, there are paid and free ways to market your product. If you have a website, then you want to take advantage of marketing your products there. This article will teach you 3 ways you can market your information products on your own website: blog posts, product page and the sidebar.

Using Blog Posts

Your website should definitely include a blog and you can create blog posts that market your information products. Your blog post should provide relevant information pertaining to your topic. You can offer your information product as a solution to the problem. You need to ensure that your blog post is not just a pitch fest but that it actually includes useful information.

Using a Product Page

Sometimes people are aware of your website or blog and visit often to get useful information. However, you may not include information about your information products on your website. I have a blog but I don’t include information about my products on my site. It was suggested by my mentor that I include a product page on my website. This is very easy to do. You create a new page that you include in your menu. I suggest that you display a picture and a short description about the product. Include a more information link that takes them to the sales page for the product. You may also want to link the picture of the product to the sales page.

Using Your Sidebar

The last way you can advertise your information products is to create a sidebar widget that links to the sales page. If you promote affiliate products, then you may have been given pre-made widgets that you can use to advertise the product. You can create these same type of widgets for your own products. Instead of advertising other people’s products, you advertise your own. You can even learn how to do this yourself so you don’t have to wait for a Graphics Artist.

So as you can see, there are many free ways that you can advertise your own information products right on your own website.