10 Expert Tips On Creating An Information Product

1. In order to create an information product that sells you need to identify a niche market to focus on.

Using Google, Amazon and eBay, look for products linked to your niche market and ensure there are plenty of books, information products, items and affiliates which demonstrates a market for the niche.

2. Register with forums and visit other blogs to see what people are talking about. Most people want information products for certain reasons. To relieve pain, to solve a problem and provide a solution.

3. Answer questions – by providing the answers and ensuring easy to follow instructions, your product will sell. Make sure you explain the benefits the reader cannot live without and offer a full, money-back guarantee and the option to keep the product even after refund. This way, the reader has nothing to lose.

4. Ensure you are knowledgeable about the niche and answer every question you can think of. Offer after-sales service and remain contactable, responding to buyers questions or concerns as soon as possible. Stay human even if your system is automated.

5. List the order and sections your information product will take such as: contents; history; information and solution solving; review and recap; referral to other products or your website. Continue to add further bullet points within each section to help pad out the information and again, repeat this process within each further created bullet point. This will continue to add content to your document.

6. Insert page breaks between each section and make sure spacing is at least one and a half or double to create plenty of white space and allow for clearer reading. Always use Arial as your font as this is more easily recognisable for document format converters when you convert from a word processed document to a PDF document. PDF documents are easier to upload and download as well as ensuring your information cannot be altered and amended when providing it in a common word processed format.

7. Provide your product in various formats including PDF, doc and if you can, audio and visual formats (YouTube). This ensures you reach a larger audience opening up your market potential and therefore increasing sales.

8. Create a landing page for your product and make sure this is clear, easy to follow and provides all details of the benefits of the product several times to further drum home to the reader the reason they cannot pass up such a good opportunity.

9. Include further information products as bonuses to add to the value for money from buying your product.

10. Offer different formats of payment including PayPal, credit card, instalments to suit all pockets and customer budgets.

By following these ten steps you will create a high quality, easily accessed information product and by ensuring you promote and quote you website and other products as part of the document, you remain a known constant presence throughout the ownership of the document.